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Reliable Legal Counsel For Businesses And Corporations

From business planning and formation to operations, expansion and dispute resolution, quality legal counsel is just as essential to an enterprise’s success as is financial backing. A young or mature organization inevitably faces myriad legal challenges throughout its lifespan. Trustworthy legal advice at critical junctures along the way can help a business avoid or mitigate threats of litigation and other common legal obstacles.

Michael Jay Plata, the lead attorney at Plata Law Group LLC, has spent his career of nearly 20 years supporting New Jersey businesses and nonprofit organizations. Building on past achievements and focusing on service to the community at large, he remains available to serve new clients as a capable advocate.

Covering All The Bases For Businesses And Corporations

Plata Law Group LLC is a comprehensive legal resource for Verona area business owners and entrepreneurs. The firm guides clients capably through a full range of transactions and general legal matters, including:

  • Entity Formation
  • Shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, and operating agreements
  • Corporate governance
  • Employment contracts, employee handbooks, severance agreements, and assistance with human resources
  • Contracts and transactions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Dissolution
  • Government regulations
  • Data privacy laws and cybersecurity
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Zoning and land use, real estate, and environmental

In addition, nearly every business or corporation encounters risks of litigation from time to time. The firm helps business owners and commercial entities navigate dispute resolution processes confidently and advantageously. Mr. Plata is a knowledgeable, reassuring advocate for business owners in any problematic situation.

Help Your Organization Thrive For The Good Of The Community

Mr. Plata is interested in promoting progress for your business or corporation with the law as a powerful instrument. Get the answers and tools you are looking for by turning to Plata Law Group LLC.

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